Economy policy conditions
Based on the comprehensive analysis of the economic situation in the status report the member companies subsequently formulate the need for action in the foreign trade and tax policy.

Market environment

Market environment and trends
In order to survive in the challenging market environment and meet customer expectations, the Industrial Plant Engineering division employs a comprehensive portfolio of technological, legal and planning measures.

Business Development

Business Development
In 2019, over four-fifths of total orders again came from abroad. However, the absolute order level fell slightly from €14.8 billion (2018) to €14.7 billion (2019).
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Economic situation

Economic situation 2019/2020
At €18.3 billion, the new orders booked by the members of the VDMA Large Industrial Plant Manufacturers in 2019 were stable at the previous year's level. The companies were thus able to hold their own in a difficult market environment.


VDMA Large Plant Manufacturing: Current perspectives and outlook 2020
Under the current conditions, the short to medium-term prospects for the industry cannot be reliably predicted.
Pulp and Paper Plants
Worldwide paper production decreased by a total of 2 percent compared to the previous year, with very different trends in the various market segments.
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