Economy policy conditions
Based on the comprehensive analysis of the economic situation in the status report the member companies subsequently formulate the need for action in the foreign trade and tax policy.

Business Development

Industrial plant manufacturers: Historic slump in foreign business
The losses in exports in 2020 were exceptionally high, even for a sector such as large-scale plant engineering, which is used to strong fluctuations.
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Industrial plant manufacturers: China most important competitor
While Corona plunged the global economy into a historic recession in 2020, China was the only major economy to experience growth.
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Market environment

Industrial plant manufacturing strengthens its competitiveness
In 2020, the market environment for large-scale plant engineering was dominated by the effects of the Corona crisis and a slowdown in global economic momentum.


Industrial plant manufacturers venture optimistic outlook
Technological knowledge, methodological competence and internationality are the prerequisites for holding one's own on the world market.
Hydrogen as a problem solver and opportunity for plant construction
Green hydrogen has the potential to reduce CO2 emissions enormously and to advance climate protection.
Political demands
The VDMA Large Industrial Plant Manufacturers are calling for political framework conditions that keep pace with changes in the global project business.
Solutions for sustainability and climate neutrality
The VDMA Large Industrial Plant Manufacturers develop sophisticated environmental technology solutions.
Potential of hydrogen in the steel industry
In the steel industry, hydrogen-based technological approaches in particular offer an answer to the challenges of the climate crisis.
Strong swings on the commodity markets
2020 was also a year of extremes in commodity markets; demand for crude oil fell in the wake of the pandemic.
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