Political Positions

The large industrial plant industry's economic demands
The mechanical and plant engineers organized within VDMA provide a summary of the, in their view, pressing need for political action regarding joint economic positions.

Export Credit Insurance

Changing Market Structures, Growing Political Risks
The market is changing at an accelerated rate and what will happen next is becoming increasingly difficult to predict. The transformation is profound, and it is turning up the pressure on the large industrial plant manufacturing industry.
Initial successes in making the Hermes set of instruments more flexible
The large industrial plant manufacturers organized in the VDMA accordingly expressly recognize the recent federal reforms that have come out of the highly constructive dialog with the federal government.

Status Report

The status report of the VDMA's large industrial plant manufacturing group provides an insight into the business situation and the challenges facing the industry in its international business.
Thomas Waldmann
Thomas Waldmann
Managing Director, Export Finance, Export Credit Insurance