Positions on foreign trade policy
The mechanical and plant engineers organized within VDMA provide a summary of the, in their view, pressing need for political action regarding joint economic positions.


OECD: Modernising the consensus in a practical way!
The consensus established 40 years ago must be fundamentally revised in order to get closer to the lost "level playing field" again and thus strengthen the competitiveness of business locations in the OECD.

Local cost content

Increase the local cost portion eligible for cover!
The current OECD Consensus has frozen the local cost content for more than 10 years. Nowadays, many countries demand significantly higher local shares in order to support their own local economy.


Secure project opportunities in developing countries!
In view of the rapidly changing environment, VDMA's Large Industrial Plant Manufacturing Industry is calling on the EU Commission to promote a practical new consensus.

Trade policy

Realign trade policy with China!
China has gained a competitive advantage in recent years, as its largest state export promotion scheme in the world enables it to undercut the OECD consensus for industrialised countries.


EPC-Capabilities in the Large Industrial Plant Manufacturing Sector
The study has identified concrete fields of action to strengthen the competitiveness of German companies in the EPC business.
New Status Report "Creating sustainable Success"
The status report provides an insight into the business situation and the challenges facing the industry in its international business.
Thomas Waldmann
Thomas Waldmann
Managing Director, Export Finance, Export Credit Insurance
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Current market and entry situation
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Web-Erfa (online), bestehend aus 2 Modulen
Module 1: Status and potentials of IPM against the background of digitization and industry 4.0
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Overview – Basic Principles – Factors and Application
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Local Tooth Contact – Vibration Excitation – Tooth Modifications
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Virtual Get Together on the occasion of WindEnergy Hamburg Digital
Thu. 03.12.2020  09:00 - 10:30 hrs.
Especially now, purchasing must contribute to cost reductions and efficiency increases